Friday, July 7, 2017

Why do you live in South Africa?


I have had the advantage of living in a foreign country for a number of years. I am a firm believer in travelling as it broadens the mind and opens you up to different experiences.

Before we continue, it must be said that there are more expatriates living in Dubai than there are locals. This is the backdrop to me interacting with the charming people from the United Kingdom in an Arab country. Anyway, we digress; the British may be many things, but unpatriotic they are not. One of the most frequently asked questions that the Brits threw at me was: Oi...mate...why do you live in Souf Africa?  

After insulting the queen, I actually take a step back and ask myself the same question.
South Africa is currently being run by Jacob Zuma. And while he never had a terrible first term in office, he has completely lost his fucken mind. It’s almost as if someone snuck into Nkandla and hit the reset button on his big head.

Since I last posted on this site, he has been through a significant investigation regarding his homestead and the misappropriation of state funds to bankroll the upgrades to said homestead. He was in court a lot and his responses to some of the questions were bloddy priceless. One of the questions was regarding very expensive windowpanes installed in the rooms. His response was: how can I be held accountable for it…I never asked for them.  

That’s great. Its faulted logic, but an excuse he gave the courts none the less. Thank the pope he was actually found guilty at the end of the day. If he didn’t, he would have had a stream of people appearing in court on charges of not paying etoll bills because: my lord (what we can judges in SA), we never asked for them.

Then there was the taxi scandal. For those not ofay with South Africa…a taxi is not the international understanding of a taxi, it is a minibus vehicle that can carry 14 passengers. The most popular vehicle used for a taxi is a Toyota Quantum. The price of these has increased significantly, taxi owners took exception to this so they went on a nationwide strike preventing people from going to work or school. Here is there logic…appreciate it people…how dare Toyota increase the price of their vehicles, we will stop EVERYONE from going to work or school. We will make OUR problem THEIRS. If this happened in Dubai, no doubt the people would have been arrested, charged and deported within 2 days. Yet, we let our lot continue with the strike and only intervening if there is violence.

Finally, we have the Ministers of Education. The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, tells students at a school in Alexandria township that they need to put books away during school holidays because studying too much causes Brain Cancer.

Now, this is a matter where you can actually appreciate the logic. She is speaking to people who think that witch doctors can summon thunder and lightning to kill people. So they will believe any shit you tell them. The ANC is against the ropes politically and is losing influence with every election that is held. As people become more educated, the more they can see through the bullshit that is being told to them. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the ANC to keep people uneducated.

The problem is, the rest of the world is watching us and seriously thinks of South Africa as a circus when they see the minister of an education portfolio make utterances such as this. While I do think the Brits are arrogant bastards, they cannot be blamed for thinking this when our minister says what she says. 

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